We bring the learning experience to your front door. Just add water and let your swimming adventure begin!


The Splash Box is an original, all-inclusive, educational swim box delivered straight to your doorstep. This online children's store offers a one of a kind swim kit, equipped with all the toys, gear and award-winning instructional videos to help your little ones learn all levels of swimming. Specifically designed for children who need water safety, learn-to-swim or stroke development, our box of goodies will bring lasting smiles to your kids while providing a simple and effective training guide for our parents to kick start swimming in their own home. Saving time and money, this aquatic journey has never been easier for families.

The Splash Box is designed for children, ages 6 months to 12 years old, starting with The Water Safety Splash Box. Our "level up" format integrates smooth progressions and is a great motivational tool for the kiddos. The entire curriculum entails 7 levels and 68 total skills, across 3 box categories. With any box purchase, The Splash Box Club Card holders also get access to our Certificates of Completion, which makes graduating to new levels even more rewarding.


Carefully developed by KISO Swim School Inc. and Founder, Kristin Barton, The Splash Box was developed to expand the outreach of water safety and provide alternative methods for learning to swim. With immense knowledge and success in all areas of the sport, it was inevitable that this product would be born. In the year 2020, an enormous shift to virtual learning, increased drowning rates and a 160% rise on home pool construction, were driving forces behind the idea to help families from all over. The Splash Box is quite literally a game changer.


Drowning Prevention: Across the globe, drowning remains the #1 cause of accidental death in children 1-4 years of age. This sad statistic is preventable. The Splash Box is on a mission to reach more families than ever before by delivering this product and message to doorsteps all over the world. Being proactive is key and we're here to help make that happen.

Time and Cost Efficient: Traveling around-trip for swim class every other day can take a toll on parents. The Splash Box provides flexibility to quite literally plan the learning process on your specific schedule and incorporate in any body of water. Additionally, the price of swim lessons can really add up. This method of teaching gives families a financially effective option, providing a one-time payment for skills that can be reviewed endlessly. 

Early Childhood Development: Acclaimed by pediatricians, educational researchers and parents, swimming is the best sport for children to be involved with at an early age. Benefits include better cognitive development, such as fine motor skills and coordination, improved language development and overall health for social and emotional development.


Family Unity: Work and school schedules get tough. So finding quality time with family can be challenging, but it so important. The fulfillment parents get by being involved with their children in this fun learning process and teaching a life saving skill is truly priceless.

Join the thousands of success stories taught through this curriculum and explore all The Splash Box has to offer!




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