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Shop our children's learn to swim store! The Splash Box has three categories that cater to different ages and ability levels. Every box is fully loaded with all the toys, gear and exclusive access to 5-star instructional videos to help your child excel in the water. Our goal is to help families become proactive with swimming education and extend our outreach for water safety across the globe. Explore The Splash Box categories below for more information to help you select the right box and kick start swimming from your home! 

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What's Inside

Each box is action-packed with high quality toys and gear, catered to the category age and ability. 

A special club card is also included, providing exclusive online access to the superior curriculum used by KISO Swim School. This teaching platform provides over $300 in value of instructional video that never expires.


Our boxes are designed for infants to pre-teens. Starting as young as 6 months old for The Water Safety Splash Box and 2 years old for The Learn to Swim Splash Box, our boxes progress all the way through to 12 years old in The Stroke Development Splash Box. Although these ages are not restricted to our curriculum base, this is the suggested average age range for our boxes.


The Splash Box is a product and not a subscription. This awesome news means, each box purchase is a one time payment with each selected category. Prices range $119 - $139 per box, depending on the category and your access to instructional videos never expire. Have two children at different levels? We are happy to offer a 30% discount off a second box on your purchase order.


We offer three different categories based on age and ability.  These include:

  1. Water Safety 

  2. Learn to Swim

  3. Stroke Development

The categories are not restricted to age, but are average ranges. Browse the skills assessed in each level to see which works best for your child.


The Water Safety Splash Box is for infants and toddlers (typically 6 months to 3 years old), packed with all the toys you need to make learning fun with our instructional videos. These boxes incorporate a fun introduction to water adaption through song and play, while focusing on drowning prevention skills. Our goal in this category is to help build safe little swimmers that love the water. There are two separate levels and over 15 skills taught within The Water Safety Splash Box.


The Learn to Swim Splash Box is for younger children (typically 2-6 years old), action-packed with all the toys and gear you need to make learning fun with our instructional videos. These boxes review water safety, while focusing on the fundamentals of learning to swim. Through more complex skills, children become independent and begin to explore the aquatic world. Our goal in this category is to help create confident swimmers that give parents peace of mind. There are two separate levels and over 15 skills taught within The Learn to Swim Splash Box.


The Swim Development Splash Box is geared towards older children (4-12 years old), action-packed with all the toys and gear you need to make learning fun with our instructional videos. This category puts a focus on the full stroke analysis, providing detailed technique drills to help strengthen swimmers. There are three levels of completion and all four legal strokes are covered. This video access will cover over 25 skills in The Swim Development Splash Box. 

Important Notice:

As advocates for proper water safety education and the sport of swimming, The Splash Box discloses that our products are not a full substitute for formal swim lessons. We provide an effective learning platform that provides a proactive approach for our families to introduce or improve skills from home. 


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